Up Down is a song by ManManBoyBoyMan as part of his album Up Down Album.

Up Down
Alex a.k.a. I Hate Everything
Released today wednesday
Recorded 2015
Length 0:53
Label None
Producer ManManBoyBoyMan

Lyrics Edit

Up, down

Three... two... one...

I jump down

It's going to the brain

Down, up

I go insane

I jump up

With the brain in the membrane

Up, down

That's truth

Luden's cough drops!

With the down, up

Up, left

We're going up with the down

Go insane

Down, up, down

I'm jumping down (I jump down)

With the brain in the mem-

Goin' up (up), goin' down (down)


Where will I go next? (I jump down)

I go insane

I go up (up), I go down (down)

In the membrane

Jumping up and down (I jump down)

That's truth

I go down (down), go up (go up)

I going ring, ring

Oh look I'm going to a lefty-left (Gonna go right and left)

Going somewhere to the left, yeah

down (right)

I jump up (left, right)

I'm going crazy really soon

I'm going down

Up, down (I'm going right, left)

I go down (I meant down)

Going down to the ground

I'm going down to the ground

I'm goin' up (up), goin' down (right)

Goin' down

I'm going down (left, right)

I'm going down I'm going up (up)

Oh, I'm going up

Going up

Down (down)

I'm on my lunch break


That's right!



Don't even, no

F*** me, everybody

Don't even, no

F*** me arkYou lack swag

And I do-o-on't ca-a-are< HAMINARHIWANAMAHU

Up Down Album - Coming to- today Wednesday!



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Trivia Edit

  • At certain points of the song there four to five voices singing at the same time.
  • If you start in the middle of a wide staircase and go up, down, left, and right every time a voice says a direction, you'll be 10 steps below where you started and still in the middle.
  • The color of the purple creature in the music video fails to render correctly on 4 of its position transfers.
  • Up Down Up Down