I Hate Everything vs Cool Cat is an infamous YouTube drama between YouTuber I Hate Everything and Derek Savage, the creator of the Cool Cat franchise.


The StartEdit

On November 6, 2015 I Hate Everything uploaded the video Cool Cat Saves The Kids - The Search For The Worst - IHE as a part of the The Search For the Worst series.

THANKS DADDY DEREK (For Ruining The Search For The Worst)Edit

Three days later on November 9th, IHE uploaded a video titled THANKS DADDY DEREK (For Ruining The Search For The Worst) in which he explained that the video had been taken down for unknown reasons by Derek Savage and the channel had gained a copyright strike. He noted that he was unsure of what to do next. Alex notified fans the video that if they attempted to contact Savage, they needed to do it politely and civil.


The next day, the video DADDY DEREK SAID WHAT?? was uploaded showing tweets from the Cool Cat Twitter page, @CoolCatlovesyou that has been posted insulting I Hate Everything. After I Hate Everything's reaction tweet, @CoolCatlovesyou removed the tweets and blocked him.

With Apologies To Derek SavageEdit

With Apologies To Derek Savage was uploaded November 13th. In the video he shows a conversation through email between him and Savage. The emails show Savage making false threats such as saying he has lawyers that had contacted YouTube directly and fans giving him death threats. Though Alex tried to keep it the situation civil, Savage harassed, threatened and demanded Alex do certain things.

I Hate Everything vs Derek Savage - IT'S OVEREdit

I Hate Everything vs Derek Savage - IT'S OVER was released November 28th. The video shows Savage impersonating a law firm in an attempt to scare Alex into getting rid of the Cool Cat videos and any mention of Cool Cat. Savage later aplogized to Alex, saying that he was not trying to be mean to him but only protect his brand

Reaction from YouTube CommunityEdit

The drama created a big stir in the YouTube community and made a big example of how easily the YouTube copyright system at the time could be abused. YourMoviesSuckDOTorg and many other YouTube channels defended I Hate Everything, pointing out Savage's lack of knowledge of YouTube and the internet in general.