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Memes. Hate them or love them, there is no arguing that they are terrible compared to Sea Nymphs.





You know, as much as I like to hate on the human race, we are pretty good at at least one thing. Taking something that was kind of funny and then repeating it. And repeating it. And repeating it, until it doesn't make you smile anymore, It makes you wish for an imminent, hostile alien invasion to put us out of our embarrassing existence. 


I'm actually having trouble coming up with the words necessary to describe how much I hate them. Oh wait, here we go. To me, memes are the biggest load of ****... and do you know what? The amount of ******* rage face and ******* unfunny and Aquaman, ******* and was about as meaningful as Kony 2012 turned out to be. Wait, where was I?

Oh yeah, memes. One of the things I truly hate most that the internet has spawned, which has also led to one of the worst YouTube channels being created... Wait, not that one. Ah, there we go, that's better. 

And you know what? Not all memes were terrible to begin with. But after a while, everyone begins to reuse and post them and force them into every conversation.

Let's take a very recent example. Half-Life 3 Confirmed. The first couple of times I saw it, I thought it was kinda funny. But that was before it had been posted on every newsarticle and forum in the entire world. The most extreme version I never found funny at all was the Skyrim 'arrow to the knee' meme. 

Ok, so a soldier says it in the game. What of it? It's-it's not funny to repeat it. It's not clever to apply it to different things, it's just mindless bull****. 

So, here's my theory behind memes. To truly appreciate their hilariousness and originality, you either have to be 10 years old, or Aquaman. 

Aquaman: Hey, memes are a funny way of making light of political situations and news stories, and plays off human emotion. 

Ok, look, Aquaman. I'm getting pretty fed up of you coming into every one of these and counterarguing my points. What can a man do to casually insult Aquaman without being him all high and mighty? Just fuck off, and don't come back.

Good riddance. ******* *****. 

So, now you might be asking, "Well, Mr. I Hate Everything, what do you actually find funny? Because memes take up around 90% of the internet's 'comedy' making skills." 

Well, random person, I would have to say that only the highest form of comedy comes from the movie masterpieces, widely known as Epic Movie, or The Love Guru, or The Adventures of Rocky and, ugh, I can't believe I got that far into the list before I physically had to stop for fear of throwing up all over my copy of Aquaman Issue 22: Trap of the Sinister Sea Nymphs. *laughs*

(as Aquaman) "One coming to save me... and one coming to kill me... But which is which?"

N-n-now that's funny. That should be a meme, like. No, no, no, no, no, no. 

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