Aquaman is a reoccurring character in I Hate Everything's I HATE Series. IHE uses Aquaman to compare to the things he talks about. Aquaman was first introduced in I HATE PEWDIEPIE'S RABID FANS.

Aquaemane by iheofficial-d94y3dl

The Death of Aquaman Edit

In the end of I HATE POKEMON, Kiteman kills Aquaman with a kite. And in I HATE MINECRAFT, IHE says in the beginning that they had to look for a new background, as Aquaman's Corpse was dried on to the old one. In I HATE AQUAMAN, IHE is randomly teleported to the Asshole Justice League (AJL) which Aquaman was a member of. The AJL mistakes IHE as the killer of Aquaman, and are about to kill him. But in the nick-of-time, Aquaman comes back to life. This is explained in I HATE ANIME Part 1 where Aquaman "Combined the three Partridges and got a dash of friendliness from his friends and came back to life." And in I HATE ANIME Part 2, Aquaman and Kiteman meet up and have a 'fight' (which is just them screaming.)

Trivia Edit

  • Aquaman has an already mentioned I HATE Video called I HATE AQUAMAN.
  • In I HATE GAME/DVD COVERS, IHE is sent to an alternate universe where Aquaman is the ruler and anyone who says his name will get stabbed with his Trident.
  • At the end of I HATE ANIME Part 2, when everyone is turned back to normal, Aquaman's head however is turned into a character from the TV Show, Game of Thrones.